Figured out I Want to be a Farmer (or Maybe Just a Gardener)

So my wife and I have been in our new house for about 6 months and one of the first (of many) things we did was plant vegetables in the pre-existing garden beds. The biggest issue is that the dirt was basically clay and very poorly taken care of over the years, from what I can gather anyway. ¬†We tried loosening up the dirt, hydrating it and mixing in quality soil but it was pretty far gone… Anyway, that being said, most of what we planted did not grow very well.

Now, we aren’t terribly particular about the railroad ties that the existing beds are made out of and with the terrible quality of the dirt at our house we decided that we would set up some raised beds with high-quality soil from one of our local distributors. On Monday we had 2 cubic yards of said soil delivered and we spent a couple hours hauling it and filling the planters with it.

Raised Beds - Before

Raised Beds – Before

Raised Beds - After

Raised Beds – After

Our plans are to remove the old beds (seen behind the new beds) get another 2 or 3 of these so we can have at least a bit more of a sustainable lifestyle; plus fresh fruits and vegetables are the best! As of now, we have planted 5 blackberry plants and a tomato plant. I am in the process of cloning more tomato plants in my awesome aeroponic setup so we can have a tomato jungle. More on my new obsession with aeroponics later!

One thought on “Figured out I Want to be a Farmer (or Maybe Just a Gardener)”

  1. I have the same problem with the clay, only I have 50% clay and about 50% rock. I am going to have to do what you did and haul soil in. Nothing tastes better than fresh veggies straight from the garden to the table. Good luck with the project.

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