Figured out I Want to be a Farmer (or Maybe Just a Gardener)

So my wife and I have been in our new house for about 6 months and one of the first (of many) things we did was plant vegetables in the pre-existing garden beds. The biggest issue is that the dirt was basically clay and very poorly taken care of over the years, from what I can gather anyway.  We tried loosening up the dirt, hydrating it and mixing in quality soil but it was pretty far gone… Anyway, that being said, most of what we planted did not grow very well. Continue reading

Cannot GET /

I have been playing with node.js (0.8.14), (0.9.11) and express (3.0.3) for the couple of days but kept running into an issue where the client file would not load. It just kept 404ing; and it was really pissing me off… I spent some time researching why it was not working; there were a lot of “answers” but none of them worked, shocking.

I honestly spent more time trying to find the answer to this issue then I did writing most of core PHP functionality of submitting and retrieving backend data between the web server and the push engine. I finally came across someone’s fix while tirelessly searching github issues for the correct answer. See the sample code after the jump. Continue reading

Playing with C# – Made A Client-Server Remote Monitoring Tool

Well, as usual things have been a little more hectic than I was expecting but I am enjoying most moments of the days past. Work has been really busy as we have been trying to launch our new platform, which I think I had mentioned is a full-fledged Microsoft environment consisting of Commerce Server, CRM, and SharePoint.

Personally, making the jump from PHP to C# has been a bit of… a bag of mixed emotions? At times I love it, hate it, want to kill it, marry it, etc… You get the point. There is quite a learning curve, as there is with any programming language, but my mind seems a bit reluctant to leave PHP behind. I have, however, been forcing myself to learn it; and fast! I have been building some necessary web parts at work that we need to help build microsites on the new platform.

Along with programming with C# at work, I have been spending some of my nights developing proof of concept pieces of software as a hands-on learning experience. So with that; I have successfully built a (simple) Client-Server monitoring tool utilizing Lidgren Networking Library for .NET (to handle my network communication between client and server). Continue reading

As Usual

As usual, it is been a hell of a long time since I have had time to write something here. This year has flown by… lost a job, lost a loved one, business idea failed, got a 6-month contract; it came and went, went to E3, went to a concert (Coheed and Cambria), flew in a private jet, endured “the Armpit of America”, went to IndieCade and turned 25 somewhere in between. I am sure a lot more happened in between but my point is; it has been interesting, sad, fun and quite a blur.

So I said my 6-month contract “came and went” but I left out the fact that they decided to hire me full-time. Apparently I know what I am doing, or something like that. It has been pretty interesting because after October 1st we began tapering off active development on the “legacy” platform (osCommerce). So since then I have been doing some follow-up development on minor bugs and whatnot and other than that I have been working on learning C#, SharePoint and Microsoft CRM.

It has been pretty cool being able (see having some time) to read up on and prototype some code / projects with C#. On top of that being able to integrate the C# development into web parts on the SharePoint server. I’ve been trying to spend as much time as possible working with it, but it is still busy at work. We have been working pretty closely with the consultants to help wherever we can to get this project launch ready for next year. I have been doing some front-end work, data exports and manipulation, etc; some of it tedious but it’s understood its for the greater good.

On another note, the year is nearly over. I did not realize that the next 4 weekends I am going to be either gone or busy. This Thursday night, my buddy Tylar and I are leaving for Las Vegas for MineCon for the weekend (maybe we’ll even write an article or two about it on VGVee). Next weekend is Turkey Day (Thanksgiving in the US) weekend and the following weekend Cindy and I are going to be leaving for Hawaii for a week. Guess I planned everything pretty well, haha…

It is very possible that this will be the last post for the year, unless I find something I need to write about before then. So, if that is the case, have a great holiday season and happy new year. I’ll be the drunk guy drinking, as usual.